Patient & Family Toolkits

For the Newly Diagnosed

Diagnosis with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes is an overwhelming and frightening experience for child and family alike. JDRF Northwest offers resources to support you during this stressful time. Through these resources, families and individuals touched by diabetes can get practical advice and emotional support for as long as they need it.

School Advisory Toolkit

The School Advisory Toolkitprovides teachers, administrators, and parents with helpful resources, training, and practical information about: everyday medical needs, legal and emotional issues, the demands of living with type 1 diabetes, and responsibilities for dealing with diabetes in schools. This new guide helps educators and parents work together to best manage a childs diabetes while in school.

Healthcare ProvidersToolkit

The JDRF Healthcare Providers Toolkit helps practitioners ensure that their patients with type 1 diabetes have access to the best possible resources and programs to help them meet their practical, social, and emotional needs.

Adult Type 1Toolkit

The Adult Type 1 Toolkit, while focusing primarily on the newly diagnosed adult type 1, includes information for all adults with type 1. However, in the near future JDRF will have additional resources specific to the adult with established type 1.

Pregnancy Toolkit

Until research is successful in finding a cure for type 1 diabetes, JDRF is committed to providing support and resources for those living with this disease.  It is for this very reason that JDRF created the Pregnancy Toolkit, an educational outreach resource.  Pregnancy or planning a pregnancy with T1D requires special consideration to help ensure a healthy outcome for mother and child. This guide provides information for parents-to-be or future parents-to-be with T1D-explaining the disease management goals for pregnancy and reviewing how to obtain the best possible support from healthcare providers at every stage.

Teen Toolkit

Navigating the teenage years with T1D can be difficult, for both the parents and the teen. The JDRF Teen Toolkit offers practical advice to help address the myriad questions and issues most common to teens with T1D-both those newly diagnosed and those with long-established T1D. The JDRF Teen toolkit includes helpful tips on daily issues including mood swings, academic performance, friendships, and driving with T1D. Written by a mother of a teenage daughter with T1D, this toolkit can help parents and teens know what to expect, so they can make this unique time in a child’s life a much more pleasant- and even enjoyable – experience.